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USB Brick

USB Brick | Red Dot Design Award

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USB-C has been recognised as the future of computer ports: it is fast, versatile, and universal. With the design of more laptops and devices becoming more compact and lightweight, the USB port has been replaced with the USB-C port. There are many laptops that are now equipped with USB-C, but there are only a few USB-C adapters available in the market. Most of these laptops and devices also have limited ports. USB Brick aims to solve the problem. There are 7 individual modules which include ports like USB-C, USB2/3, HDMI and VGA. All the bricks can be used individually or simultaneously by attaching the bricks together. The different bricks can be put together in various ways through the USB-C socket without compromising functionality.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Zhang Jintian, China