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USB Clip Memory Stick

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Firmly clipped – a form for attaching dataThey are a necessary answer to the sheer bulk of data in our times. The first memory sticks appeared on the scene at the turn of the century and, by offering the possibility of saving data electronically on a flash drive, had a huge impact on making data transfers easier. The design of the particular innovative USB Clip occurred against a background of these electronic storage devices becoming ever cheaper and smaller, which in turn however has also contributed to them being easily overlooked. Offering a solution to this problem, this new device reinterprets the functional principle of a paper clip and translates it into the design of a storage medium to make data transfers and archiving easier. The outer material used for the USB Clip is pleasing to the touch and allows it to be bent open flexibly and thus be attachable very much like a paper clip. It can be clipped easily onto any paper such as letters or other documents, while the housing through its colour conveys a sense of lightness. A huge advantage of the USB Clip consists of the possibility of also using it in postal mail communication: clipped onto a document it can thus deliver additional information, without necessarily adding cost to the posting, as the clip is very thin and light thanks to a design that focuses exclusively on its function. Following an overall convincing approach, the manufacturing process of this charming little storage device too is highly economical as well as environmentally friendly. By combining a principle well known from the world of ordering papers with the digital world, the design of the USB Clip creates something entirely new – it embodies a contemporary form modelled on reality for easy data attachment.

  • Manufacturer:
    Freecom Technologies GmbH, Freecom Technologies / Scopetime GmbH, Germany
  • Design:
    Emamidesign (Arman Emami), Germany
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