Vanishing Materials

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This second book of the “Vanishing Series” is designed to promote the awareness of traditional crafts. It was conceived to serve as a memory project of Singapore, sharing stories of the last remaining artisans. Readers are invited to partake as co-creators. The pages are designed with lots of blank space for their curatorial input, their memory records and photographs of any traditional artisan and vanishing trade from around the world. In order for this valuable history to pass down for generations to come, a children’s storybook is included to introduce this heritage to the younger generations.

  • Printing:
    Sky Liu, Neo-Brands Co., Ltd., Shenzhen
  • Graphic Design/Editorial Design:
    Alvin Ng
  • Creative Direction:
    Jesvin Yeo
  • Design:
    Nanyang Technological University, Designing Cultures Studio, Singapore
  • Illustration:
    Jesvin Yeo, Tengwan Quek
  • Client:
    National Library Board, Singapore
  • Project Management:
    Yuhui Cheng
  • Publisher:
    Abdul Nasser, Basheer Graphic Books, Singapore
  • Research:
    Tengwan Quek