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VAUNCE | Red Dot Design Award

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VAUNCE Trampoline Park is a playground and cultural space in the city which has five core values: health, joy, freedom, satisfaction and culture. It required a distinctive design language based on these values to consistently display its identity. The graphic brand identity combines a diagonal line of 45 degrees with images of people jumping on a trampoline. These elements help users experience the brand identity throughout all design applications including the logo and the typography. The design, which is applied to all components at various marketing interfaces, provides a consistent brand image.

Red Dot Design Award

  • BX Team:
    Myungsup Shin, Junhyuck Chun, Dajung Hyeon, Taesu Im, Minkyung Kim
  • Client:
    VAUNCE, Seoul
  • Project Management:
    Yeojin Kim, Martin Berry
  • Design:
    Plus X, Seoul
VAUNCE | Red Dot Design Award
VAUNCE | Red Dot Design Award