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VDNH | Red Dot Design Award

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VDNH is a vast exhibition area in Kyiv, which used to be very popular in the days of the Soviet Union. The challenge was to breathe new life into it and create an attractive corporate design, transforming the place into a modern cultural centre which attracts all kinds of audiences. Besides the creation of the new logo, the rebranding included its adaptation for a wide range of advertising media. The new, highly abstract logo depicts the rough outline of the historical exhibition hall. Inspired by its columns, the graphic reduction creates a narrow bar which becomes the key design element in a wide range of colour variants.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Chief Executive Officer:
    Maxim Bakhmatov
  • Client:
    VDNH, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Design:
    Banda Agency, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Graphic Design:
    Anton Ivanov
  • Creative Direction:
    Pavlo Vrzhesch
  • Director of Development:
    Max Yakover
  • Head of Art:
    Yegor Petrov
  • Copywriting:
    Anna Goncharova, Anastasia Burganova
  • Head of Strategy:
    Yaroslav Serdiuk
VDNH | Red Dot Design Award