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Venner A.P. Advance Video Laryngoscope

Venner A.P. Advance Video Laryngoscope | Red Dot Design Award

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The Venner A.P. video laryngoscope is a tool that serves the purpose of traecheal intubation during surgery and can also be used for other procedures on the larynx. The design aim of this laryngoscope was to create a highly precise and easy to handle tool that helps reduce patient trauma and offers better performance characteristics for the physician. With its well-balanced shape, this tool also sits ergonomically in the hand and ensures self-explanatory and intuitive operability by the physician. The handle of the Venner A.P. features a coating of medical elastomer material, which feels soft and smooth, and lends the tool a better grip at the same time. Another important aspect of the innovative design of this laryngoscope is how it merges innovative performance characteristics with contemporary technology: unlike with other traditional designs, the view obtained during laryngoscopy can be seen directly on the tool, without the need for an extra display. This laryngoscope works both with live video and as a traditional laryngoscope without the video display. A range of single-use blades enhances the versatility and flexibility of this laryngoscope – it is robust and easily portable. Thus it adapts smoothly into the routine of trained anaesthetists.

Statement by the Jury

The video laryngoscope by Venner Medical is excellently designed to the last detail and thus turns a technical device into a medical tool that is easy to understand in everyday use. It makes sensitive use of modern technology and merges it with carefully selected materials in order not only to respond to the expectations and ergonomic demands of both patients and medical staff, but to exceed them.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Manufacturer:
    Venner Medical (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Singapore
  • Design:
    Industrial Design Consultancy Ltd (Marc Tanner, Marko Plevnik), Great Britain
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