Red Dot Design Award
Tamper-Evident Sample Kit

Versapak Urine A/B Sample Kit (DTC3)

Versapak Urine A/B Sample Kit (DTC3) | Red Dot Design Award

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The Versapak Urine A/B Sample Kit is used for the safe storage and secure transport of the athlete’s urine sample, which is tested by laboratories to detect doping activities. The kit contains two bottles with colour-coded, tamper-evident security canisters and lids. The DNA marker within the canister can be scanned and verified by laboratories, and security labels are used on each kit for unique identification. Once closed, the security canister cannot be opened without leaving behind visible traces of tampering.

Statement by the Jury

With its thoughtful design, the sample kit significantly contributes to the goal of making competitive sports “cleaner”.

Red Dot Design Award