Children’s Tableware

VIIDA Soufflé

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The design of this children’s tableware is inspired by the fluffy dessert, Soufflé. The set is made with non-toxic, corrosion resistant anti-bacterial stainless steel with polypropylene removable outer covers. The plate, bowl and cup are fully insulated and fitted with a lid to preserve the freshness of the contained food. The handles of the cutlery and cup are ergonomically shaped to rest well in a little one’s hand.

Statement by the Jury

Each individual item of the Viida Soufflé children’s tableware is designed with a great deal of attention to detail and a well-trained eye for children’s needs. It thus eases independent eating and drinking for the young ones.

  • Manufacturer:
    Jiin Ming Industry Co., Ltd., Taoyuan, Taiwan
  • In-house design