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VINO CENZO – Bag-in-Box Packaging Design

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When it comes to the packaging of wine, the German wine market is dominated by glass bottles. Alternatives, such as Tetra Pak and Bag-in-Box (BiB), only play a minor role, facing the common prejudice among consumers of being at the low-quality end of the market spectrum. The work “VINO CENZO” is the draft of a BiB packaging for a fictitious wine brand that focuses on a highend contemporary design with the aim of both improving the image of the environmentally friendly packaging material and satisfying consumer demands on quality at the same time. The aim was to give proof that high-quality wine can just as well be packed into allegedly cheaper packaging material without losing any of its value and quality. The innovative design idiom of a triangular shape breaks with otherwise familiar packaging appearances and emerges as an expressive high-grade package. The harmonious blend of patterns, forms, colours and typography thus presents itself as a creative alternative to classic glass packaging.

Statement by the Jury

This is an extremely delightful design based on a comprehensive concept for a packaging box hitherto unseen. Its brilliant graphic design points out the different types of wine. This work gives proof that high-quality wine can also be packaged in materials other than glass; proof that is delivered to outstanding effect through the work’s high-quality implementation, distinctive packaging shape and sophisticated printing techniques.

[Red Dot: Junior Award]
  • University:
    University of Applied Sciences and Arts Dortmund
  • Design:
    Mandy Stegemann, Dortmund
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