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Vinventions | Red Dot Design Award

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Vinventions is an international company which provides closure solutions for wine bottles. As part of the redefinition of the company, the challenge was to design an overarching corporate design style as well as six brand designs for different product lines. These highlight the specific character of each individual line and show clearly that they are part of a superordinate brand architecture. The new logo shows the stylised swirling of wine in a glass and thus sums up the moment which embodies the collaboration between vintners, wineries and Vinventions. An extensive design manual defines the use of the logos, typography, imagery, colours and navigation, for both digital and analogue media.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Vinventions, Thimister-Clermont, Belgium
  • Design: gmbh, Munich, Germany
  • Creative Direction:
    Frank Wagner
  • Art Direction:
    Veronika Kinczli
  • Graphic Design:
    Carmen Vierbacher
  • Project Management:
    Moritz Engelke
  • Production:
    Benedikt Bäumler
  • DTP:
    Sebastian Bielecki
  • Artwork:
    Adelgund Janik
Vinventions | Red Dot Design Award