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Visualization Puncture System

Visualization Puncture System | Red Dot Design Award

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In traditional puncture-type operations, the doctor has to depend on his own medical experience and observation of the epidermis and blood vessel conditions to manually judge the position for the needle-puncture. This bears a high risk of failure. The innovation of the Visualization Puncture System lies in that its image visualisation system has the ability to guide the needle-puncture and formulate a plan, thus reducing the risks and stress of an operation. The Visualization Puncture System is an ultrasound equipment that uses ultrasound imaging and space location technology. With ultrasound imaging, accompanied by a specialised application programme, the medical professional is able to check the scanned visuals at all times, label the puncturing coordinate point and measure the thickness of the vessel wall, the diameter of the vessel, and the velocity of the blood flow. The system then uses the measured data to suggest an operation plan. For an automatic operation to be set, the doctor only has to confirm the plan and monitor the process. Images are shown clearly during the whole process, allowing the operation to be accurately controlled. Any unplanned movement of the needle that may be caused by a stimulated blood vessel is automatically prevented. Other features of the equipment such as wheels and a rotatable frame for the screen also make it more portable, height-adjustable and convenient to conduct an operation comfortably.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Shenzhen Perth Industrial Design Co., Ltd., China
  • Team Lead:
    Dr. Shang Jianfeng
  • Design:
    Hu Wenhui, Yue Fangbing, Zhou Ying
Visualization Puncture System | Red Dot Design Award