Fitness Tracker

vivomove Asia Edition


The vivomove Asia Edition fitness tracker has the shape of an analogue wristwatch. It is equipped with numerous fitness functions, among them a pedometer, a calorie meter, a sleep monitoring function or an activity tracker. With the associated app, all data recorded can be managed via smartphone to have an up-to-date overview of one’s fitness condition at any time. The device is available in four versions ranging from a classical, dignified wristwatch with leather wristband all the way to a playful and colourful variant. Moreover, the trackers can be easily exchanged so that they blend with nearly every style.

  • Manufacturer:
    Garmin, New Taipei City, Taiwan
  • In-house design:
    Chun-Kai Huang, Han-Wei Huang

Statement by the Jury

The vivomove Asia Edition puts the fitness tracker into a new context reducing the sporting aspect in favour of a fashionable appearance.