Volkswagen Corporate Typeface

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Ongoing digitalisation and globalisation place new demands on maintaining a holistic brand image. In response to these challenges, Volkswagen launched an exclusive typeface with two variants: “Volkswagen Head” and “Volkswagen Text”. The typeface family radiates a dynamic, modern touch, creating an optimal fit between the look of the type and the brand character. The new typeface blends angles, edges and curves to create a visual bridge and an aesthetically pleasing flow. In addition, the typeface’s technical standards, such as spacing, legibility, multilingual formats and cross-media capabilities, make it suitable for digital and mobile media. It is designed for use in all communication media, as well as in vehicles.

  • Client:
    Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg
  • Design:
    MetaDesign AG, Berlin
  • Creative Direction:
    Thomas Maes, Olaf Schroeter
  • Type Design:
    Hannes von Döhren, Livius Dietzel
  • Graphic Design:
    Natalia Richel, Martina Morth, Stephan Linsert
  • Client Partner:
    Stephan Damm, Daniel Leyser
  • Client Management:
    Jens Greisinger