Red Dot Design Award

Volta Directional Spotlight

Volta Directional Spotlight | Red Dot Design Award

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Volta Directional Spotlight began with the intention to make an interior luminaire that is minimalistic and pure. Thanks to an integrated design, the pan-and-tilt mechanism does not need to be externally visible to the main body. Two divergent cuts in the primary cylindrical body provide the pan-and-tilt ability while preserving the spotlight’s minimalistic and compact design. The spotlight can be applied for directional spotlight uses in spaces such as retail shops, exhibitions, and more. The luminaire is constituted by a base and two identical elements that are mounted together at opposite ends. Each element is connected to the following one in a rotational frictional joint, called “ring”. The rotation around the slanted ring allows the spotlight to tilt, while the rotation around the base controls the spotlight’s direction on the horizontal plane. The top ring has higher frictional resistance than the other, which allows the spotlight’s direction to be adjusted with only one hand. These two non-parallel rings also serve as air gaps for cooling purposes. Installation of Volta Directional Spotlight is made easy via a single external, slightly recessed screw that secures the luminaire to the mounting bracket contained in the base, which also serves as junction box for electrical connection. The mounting bracket can be adapted for use on a rail.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Gianna Caravello, Dr. Umberto Scarfogliero, United States