Red Dot Design Award
Digital Multifunctional Kitchen Machine

Vorwerk Thermomix® TM6

Vorwerk Thermomix® TM6 | Red Dot Design Award

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The Thermomix TM6 is characterised by an extension of the cooking functions. It can sear and caramelise with temperatures up to 160 degrees. It also has predefined, separately selectable modes for fermentation, sous-vide cooking and slow cooking. These smart modes can be continuously extended via software updates. Furthermore, the 6.8" touch screen provides access to the extensive recipe streaming portal Cookidoo and guides the user through the cooking process with a guided cooking function.

Statement by the Jury

The proven Thermomix extends the user experience with the TM6 generation. An update function and online access represent the successful integration of digital technology.

Red Dot Design Award