Collection of Built-in Appliances

W Collection – W11 Integrated Handle

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The design process of the W Collection, which orientated towards kitchen cabinets, aimed at seeing the built-in appliances with their fronts blend in harmoniously with modern kitchen and living room environments. For this reason, both the microwave and the oven of the series are equipped with integrated handles. The handle recesses are cut into the glass panel by water-jet, which guarantees their precise form. A band of polished metal runs from edge to edge of the appliance above the recessed handle.

Statement by the Jury

Thanks to integrated handles, these built-in appliances present a very flat and homogenous front design, so that the appliances blend in flush with the kitchen fronts.

  • Manufacturer:
    Whirlpool EMEA S.p.A, Pero (Milan), Italy
  • Design:
    Global Consumer Design EMEA, Biandronno (Varese), Italy