Washing Machine


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The fully automated washing machine is the result of a development process which, in its beginnings, even dates back to the 17th century. The Asko washing machine explores the possibilities of a contemporary washing machine with a design that is sophisticated in every detail, focusing on the everyday needs of the user. It fascinates with a balanced use of shapes inspired by the maxims of Scandinavian design. Its elegant appearance is underlined by the high-quality material selection, while metal elements in combination with the white full-front create an appeal of cleanliness and freshness. A solid, framing aluminium panel lends the body visual unity. The user-oriented concept of this washing machine finds its expression in an interface with highly responsive touch-sensitive buttons as well as a convenient rotary knob. For uncomplicated washing, all programmes can be combined and adjusted to personal needs with the mode function. The option to hide only rarely used programmes makes the menu clearer and further facilitates the use. The intuitive operational guidance from left to right allows users to easily trace the wash process on the user interface. A clever reduction to the essential elements led to the development of an impressive washing machine – its clear design is reflected in its ease of operation.

Statement by the Jury

At first glance this washing machine fascinates with its elegant minimalism. It is a user-friendly and flexible device that especially impresses with comfortable operation and user guidance. Its clear design knows how to do without any superfluous elements and, in this way, achieves a particular unity of form and function. Further beautifully implemented design solutions are the freely suspended drum and the loading hatch.

  • Manufacturer:
    Asko Appliances AB, Lidköping, Sweden
  • In-house design:
    Asko Design Center