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Waneheim | Red Dot Design Award

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Most relief kits that are distributed to refugee camps are packed in boxes that are usually thrown away. This creates impact on the environment and causes wasted resources. The food from relief supplies also eventually runs out. Sometimes, instead of throwing away the packaging, recipients re-purpose the packaging for growing plants. The WANEHEIM relief kit is designed exactly for this purpose, and to improve on the method. The WANEHEIM relief kit provides suitable seeds and super fertilisers so that instead of throwing the packaging away, recipients can use it to grow plants and grains in a simpler and more effective way. This helps them produce some of their food. The growing kit is inspired by the 'Namib desert beetle' principle, which involves capturing moisture in the air via condensation and letting the water droplets drip into the soil. This provides moisture for the seedlings with minimal watering.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Baek In Hwan, Ha Eun Jin, Kwon Gi Don, South Korea