Corporate Design

Wanyao Village

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Production workshops of handicrafts typical for the country, for example for the manufacturing of bowls, are part of the traditional and architectural heritage of Wanyao Village as well as an old theatre stage and various historical buildings. On the one hand, the corporate design for the village wishes to contribute to the protection of this heritage. On the other hand, by means of a revived image, it wishes to enhance the attraction of the place for tourists. The design, which uses mainly the colours orange and white, takes elements of historical heritage into account, thereby radiating modernity. The corporate design includes not only office equipment but also posters as well as a website.

[Red Dot: Junior Award]
  • Design:
    Yingying Zhang, Hua Fang, Zhejiang University City College
  • University:
    Zhejiang University City College, Hangzhou, China