Warmbronner Schriften Nr. 22

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In the 22nd edition of the Warmbronner Schriften (Warmbronn Scriptures), titled “Der Autor und sein Biograf” (The author and his biographer), the correspondence between the poet Christian Wagner and his friend and benefactor Richard Weltrich from 1886 to 1912 is examined. Already the cover illustrates in its feel the fleetingness of an envelope. The graphic citation of a postmark leads with its finely curved lines into the lively dialogue. The sections of each letter writer are being highlighted with fine straight and wavy lines, and a considerate typography provides orientation between the author’s comments and the letter quotes.

  • Client:
    Christian-Wagner-Gesellschaft e.V., Leonberg general editor book series Harald Hepfer editor/text Ulrich Wilhelm Weiser
  • Design:
    design hoch drei GmbH & Co. KG, Stuttgart
  • creative direction:
    Tobias Kollmann
  • art direction:
    Helmut Kirsten
  • graphic design:
    Diana Müller