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Was liegen blieb

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This book unites two artists, who dedicated themselves to one topic. “Was liegen blieb” (What was left) is about ordinary, day-to-day found items. While Swiss author Franz Hohler describes his daily found item in a diary, Austrian artist Ruth Gschwendtner-Wölfle places a picture of a found item opposite to his text. The book, completely finalised in digital print, is 800 pages strong and encourages the reader to record their own found items and thoughts.

  • Client:
    Ruth Gschwendtner-Wölfle
  • Design:
    Kurt Dornig Grafikdesign & Illustration
  • concept:
    Ruth Gschwendtner-Wölfle, Kurt Dornig
  • text:
    Franz Hohler
  • graphic design:
    Kurt Dornig
  • photography:
    Günter König
  • printing:
    Mayr Record Scan