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Water PoGe

Water PoGe | Red Dot Design Award

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Water POGE is a compact waterpower generator solution that can be installed at different heights along water pipes in commercial and residential buildings. The objective is to reduce power wastage and generate self-sustainable power for the city. It has re-engineered water flow paths and uses hydro-power technology, which has flexibility, low power cost, adaptability for industrial applications and a CO2 emissions reduction capability. A funnel in the Water POGE gathers water and increases the water’s self-potential energy in order to boost the speed of the water turbine. The water turbine then drives the magnetic gears, which generate electric power through magnetic fields and coils. Today, the average water usage of one commercial building in the city area is about 14,000 gallons. According to the diameter of the water turbine, it can produce 1kWh power per 25 gallons of water. In this light, Water POGE is creative and beneficial to the renewable energy field. The power it produces can fulfil the daily demand of an entire building, or be stored as backup. In terms of external design, its black housing produces a high-end, high-tech, industrial aesthetic. Orange vents on both sides represent power and energy. The LED light communicates the status of Water POGE with different coloured indications. This equipment is made of polycarbonate and employs a compression moulding process. Water POGE shows the potential of next generation renewable system in cities.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Institution:
    Academy of Art University, United States
  • Faculty Advisor:
    Elizabeth Char, Mark Garcia
  • Design:
    Hao Jin
Water PoGe | Red Dot Design Award