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W.D.rescuer | Red Dot Design Award

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Cetacea stranding (the stranding of aquatic mammals on the beach) is a global issue. However, there is no exclusive rescue equipment designed for the situation. W.D.rescuer is a group of rescue equipment that increases the success rate of rescue. W.D.rescuer comprises a stretcher, a moisturising equipment and a caudal-fin-fixing equipment. The stretcher is imperative for rescue and rehabilitation, making the job of rescuing and transporting the cetaceans less taxing – a floating bar helps cetaceans self-balance, and a honeycomb structure minimises instability. The moisturising equipment distributes water on the cetaceans at regular intervals to prevent hyperthermia or solarisation. Lastly, a self-adjustable caudal-fin-fixing equipment presses against the fins of the cetaceans, allowing rescuers to draw blood easily.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Hsu Yu-Ting, Su Zi-Liang, Taiwan