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Wearable Extinguisher

Wearable Extinguisher | Red Dot Design Award

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Traditionally, firemen are trained to carry oxygen cylinders on their backs, the spray nozzle in their hand, and an axe clipped to their waist when they enter a fire disaster to save victims. With so much equipment attached, it can slow down the rescue process. Wearable Extinguisher is a dual-purpose extinguisher that frees the hands. The extinguisher combines with the oxygen cylinder and the spray nozzle is attached to the arm. The fireman only has to lift his arms to start putting out the fire, which makes rescue much more efficient. The fireman carries the kit like a backpack, which contains metal cans. The red cans are filled with extinguishing agent while the silver cans are filled with oxygen. There are two cabins in this kit – one for a built-in oxygen cylinder and one for an extinguisher. Via two tubes, the oxygen and extinguishing agent are conveyed to the visor and arm spray device, which helps put out fire directly. To use, the fireman has to place the oxygen cylinder and extinguisher in the backpack, carry it and buckle up. He enters the scene of a fire and adjusts the intensity of the spray by rotating the red button on the arm. Once the fire weakened, the firemen can start rescuing the victims. This little change in design brings better safety and convenience to firemen and increases the efficiency of fire fighting.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Institution:
    Dalian Minzu University, China
  • Faculty Advisor:
    Prof. Bao Haimo, Qiao Song
  • Design:
    Dong Jia, Li Mingzhe, Qi Ji, Sun Yuwen, Wang Yunlong, Xu Kun, Zhang Mengbo, Zhang Xue
Wearable Extinguisher | Red Dot Design Award