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Web OS TV Interface

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The user interface of Web OS TV has been purposefully kept simple. Showing a reduced offer of information on the screen, the design follows the slogan that the television is to be enjoyed rather than studied. This simplicity is complemented by several easy-to-recognise elements like slants and special typography. In the sense of a creative surface, the characteristics of each typeface have been adjusted to match the corporate design. Another distinctive design element is the reinterpreted multifunctional logo which, consisting of a red circle, is not only used for buttons on the screen but also serves as the basic shape of the fonts.

  • Client:
    LG Electronics Inc., Seoul
  • Design:
    LG Electronics Inc., Seoul
  • Project Management:
    Kunsik Lee
  • Graphic Design:
    Uni Young Kim, Hyungnam Lee, Byunghun Lee, Goeun Lee, Hyeran Jang, Hana Yoo, Choon Youn, Taejun Kim, Gangseub Lee, Itai Vonshak, Liron Damir, Angela Tam, Harel Sheniak, Alan Shen, Brian Behnke, Mercedes Mapua