Red Dot Design Award
Touch-Optimised User Interface Design for High-End Slicing Machines

Weber Power Control

Weber Power Control | Red Dot Design Award

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This modular touch-based user interface for high-end slicing machines can be adapted to various machine types. At its heart is a dynamic layout that enables the user to monitor the most important key figures at a glance. Frequently used values can be accessed quickly through swipe gestures, while production parameters are grouped according to product-processing steps or machine components in a workflow-oriented menu. Thanks to the Weber Power Control’s ergonomic and coherent interface design, handling a machine is quick and easy to learn.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Weber Maschinenbau GmbH, Breidenbach
  • Design:
    HMI Project GmbH, Würzburg
  • creative direction:
    Markus Buberl
  • concept:
    Markus Buberl, Christian Rudolph
  • graphic design:
    Werner Goldbach, Christian Nath
  • project management:
    Christian Rudolph
  • programming:
    Philipp Kruse