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WELL COLLECTION | Red Dot Design Award

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Perfectly arranged

As more and more forms of work are emerging that go beyond clearly predefined working spaces, the design of furniture is required to transform and respond to these new needs. The WELL COLLECTION meets these changes to a high degree thanks to its modern and fresh design. The chairs all share the same elegant and coherent design language. Based on a well-coordinated modular concept, the seat shell can be combined with eight different frame bases. This opens up a multitude of possibilities for customised interior configurations. Thus, the frame base, the seat shell, the colour scheme and the upholstery can be combined to perfectly adapt to individual work spaces, creating a homoge­neous-looking environment. The chairs of the collection are made of high-quality materials and offer a high level of sitting comfort thanks to their ergonom­ically shaped seat shell and backrest. They are each designed with a cavity that matches the user’s back and distributes the weight of that person proportionally over the entire surface. In this way, the back of the user is effectively supported, allowing to sit comfortably for a long period of time, both while working actively or sitting back for relaxation. Thanks to their sophisticated design and modularity, the chairs from the WELL COLLECTION blend seamlessly into current scenarios of modern working environments.

Statement by the Jury

This series of visitor and conference chairs convinces at first glance with a harmonious design that lends itself to use throughout entire office areas. Based on their modular design concept, the chairs easily adapt and allow for additional individual configuration as required. The seat shells impress with both their subtle lines and sophisticated ergonomics. With their organic and elegantly shaped armrests, these chairs exude a highly stylish appearance.

Red Dot Design Award

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