Red Dot Design Award
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WF-SP900 | Red Dot Design Award

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As the WF-SP900 headphones are water- and dustproof according to the IP65 / IP68 standards, and even include internal memory, music can be enjoyed anywhere – be it in the water, while exer­cising or on the go. They do completely without cables for free, undisturbed movement and thus also eliminate cable noise, which would otherwise impair the hearing pleasure. The headphones also feature an ambient sound mode, allowing the user to listen to the immediate environment, voices and music in a well-balanced mix.

Statement by the Jury

With the wireless, waterproof design and internal memory, these headphones offer the highest possible degree of independence when listening to music.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Manufacturer:
    Sony Video & Sound Products Inc., Tokyo, Japan
  • Design:
    Sony Corporation Creative Center, So Morimoto, Tokyo, Japan
WF-SP900 | Red Dot Design Award