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Whaley A Series

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The Whaley A series offers TVs with smart and Internet functionality. As the main unit with motherboard is separate, the screen remains very slim, measuring only 2.5 cm in thickness. When mounted to the wall, the device protrudes merely 2.8 cm, appearing like a picture on the wall. The housing of the cylindrical main unit features a transparent textile material, with the device blending harmoniously into living room interiors. The TV is operated with touch buttons, and a soundbar can be controlled via Bluetooth.

Statement by the Jury

Devices of the Whaley A series have a screen so thin that they seem to merge with a wall when mounted.

  • Manufacturer:
    Whaley Technology, Shanghai, China
  • In-house design:
    Zhengxian Wang, Sai Qu, Xiangcheng Liu, Yu Tian, Fei Xie, Yi Liu, Caiyun Liu, Chaohua Guo, Tongyang Li, Chuanlong Xia