What We Love

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This commercial was intended to refuel the brand’s claim “I’m lovin’ it”, for McDonald’s popularity in Germany had been stagnating for a few years. Following the motto “what you once loved, you never forget”, the clip tells a heart-warming story about two teenagers who spend an unforgettable summer together, then lose sight of each other, and meet again years later – all thanks to the girl’s very special kind of order. “What we love” became the metaphorical arrow of love into the hearts of the target audience, encouraging people to recall their love.

  • Creative Direction:
    Andreas Pauli, Armin Jochum, Jörg Hoffmann
  • Text:
    Andreas Daum
  • Art Direction:
    Till Rothweiler, Viktor Kislovskij
  • Client:
    McDonald’s Deutschland Inc., Munich
  • Design:
    Leo Burnett Germany, Frankfurt/Main Thjnk ag, Hamburg