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Whatever happened in one year

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“Whatever” is a magazine that presents itself as a collection of ideas, featuring only freestyle designs. It serves the agency founders, Gerald Rocketson and Petronius Amund Wink, as a promotion tool that keeps their identities hidden in order to let the creative work speak for itself and thus distinguish the designers from a myriad of competing design agencies. The designs published in the four issues so far comprise the most diverse genres, with a shared signature-like sense of humour and playful blurring of different levels of meaning and hierarchies. The illustrations also refused to be categorised by style. Ranging from flamboyant science fiction illustration and simple, pale coloured drawings to artistically filigree motifs and elaborate typographical solutions, they exhaust the craft and its variations to visualise their themes in an original and multifaceted panoply of styles. Together with the photo book “Whatever happened in one year”, the four issues come packaged in a heat-sensitive thermal lacquer slipcase. Statement by the jury »The rich variety of illustrations that these magazines compile is enormous. They present a dazzling display of ideas, all of which have been realised with sophistication – be it as superimpositions with several layers, as collages spanning entire double-pages or as motifs of austere, abstract design.«

  • Client:
    Rocket & Wink GbR, Hamburg
  • Design:
    Rocket & Wink GbR, Hamburg Kolle Rebbe GmbH, Hamburg
  • creative direction:
    Gereon Klug
  • text:
    Rocket & Wink
  • photography:
    Ulf Schütze
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