Red Dot Design Award
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Wiener Linien

Wiener Linien | Red Dot Design Award

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With its new sound branding, the public transport company Wiener Linien aims to increase passenger comfort with information that are audibly clearer and develop a unique sound identity. The spoken announcements of stations as well as the gong and functional sounds are the main focus. The musical inspiration for these note sequences comes from the music typical of the city, the Viennese waltz. The gong with its new tone quality, which is audible before announcements, sounds like a bell and is softer than before.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Wiener Linien, Vienna
  • Design:
    Sound Strategy, Vienna; Wodrich Audio Branding, Berlin
  • Project Management:
    Sabine Ludwig, Nina Wach, Wiener Linien
  • Managing Director:
    Eduard Winter, Wiener Linien Herwig Kusatz, Sound Strategy Alexander Wodrich, Wodrich Audio Branding
Wiener Linien | Red Dot Design Award