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WineStein | Red Dot Design Award

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The WineStein iPhone app is a personal wine steward that provides the right wine for every dish. It was first launched in 2009, but the app was inefficient in use and the advice limited. Therefore a new information structure, navigation and look-and-feel was developed from the ground up. Also the icons are designed from scratch. The new app is designed with two common use cases as a starting point: easily choosing a wine in a restaurant or determining a highly detailed wine advice based on all ingredients and means of preparation of a meal. The search results can be filtered by price or – in the next release – by availability in local stores.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    WineWineWine B.V., Molenhoek
  • Design:
    Edenspiekermann, Amsterdam
  • creative direction:
    Joost Holthuis
  • graphic design:
    Jack Zwanenburg, Paul van Berkel
  • illustration:
    Julia Sysmäläinen
WineStein | Red Dot Design Award