Remote Controller for Heating and Cooling

Wired Remote Controller


The wired remote controller enables easy control of the living climate. At the centre of its design is a round touch display for accessing and operating the basic functions. Advanced settings can be controlled via a smartphone app. The slim form and the clear surface of the device yield an unobtrusive appearance. A light ring enclosing the display embodies another visually appealing design detail. The wired remote controller is available in different colours and can adapt easily to various interiors.

  • Manufacturer:
    Daikin Europe nv, Oostende, Belgium
  • Design:
    yellow design gmbh, Kyoko Tanaka Alexander Schlag Kosuge Hiroyasu Sha Tao , Pforzheim, Germany

Statement by the Jury

This wired remote controller fuses different geometrical forms into a harmonious whole. Its handling is very user-oriented.