Red Dot Design Award
HVAC Control Units

WJ-11 / RY51 / WJ-12 / RJ-12 Series

WJ-11 / RY51 / WJ-12 / RJ-12 Series | Red Dot Design Award

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WJ-11 / RY51 / WJ-12 / RJ-12 are control units and I / O modules that serve as part of a building management system for the purpose of controlling heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC). The reliable and robustly designed devices can be seamlessly locked together. In order to obtain the desired system control, the unit may be combined flexibly to improve the energy-saving performance of buildings. It is possible to set parameters and validate data through NFC on a smartphone.

Statement by the Jury

These HVAC control units impress as a series with a consistent, very clear product design that expresses the high performance of the system.

Red Dot Design Award