Red Dot Design Award
Plant Protection Drone

XAIRCRAFT P30 Plant Protection UAS

XAIRCRAFT P30 Plant Protection UAS | Red Dot Design Award

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Xaircraft P30 is a rugged plant protection drone which reduces chemical consumption by 30 per cent and water consumption by 90 per cent. Configured in a closed avionics design and thanks to the RTK Intelligent Flight Control system and XAI Agricultural Intelligence Engine, it can fly and work precisely, efficiently and completely autonomously. Built for efficiency, both the chemical container and the intelligent battery can be reloaded in seconds during operations. And artificial intelligence can be used to determine suitable spray patterns or predict errors.

Statement by the Jury

The plant protection drone Xaircraft P30 impresses with an aerodynamic appearance and, in particular, with the enormous range of functions it offers agriculture.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Manufacturer:
    XAIRCRAFT Co., Ltd., Guangzhou, China
  • In-house design