Red Dot Design Award
Crawler Crane Cabin

XCMG XGC-11000

XCMG XGC-11000 | Red Dot Design Award

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The XGC-11000 crawler crane cabin is based on a user-centred design approach. It combines high ergonomics and ease of use with solid, powerful aesthetics. A striking design feature is the see-through A-pillar with a hexagonal structure that gives the crane driver a good view to the front. The cabin is room-high and has a protected glass roof, which further improves the view and gives a feeling of openness. The all-round cockpit layout is designed with the crane driver in mind and offers a pleasant user experience.

Statement by the Jury

This crawler crane cabin conveys a pleasant sense of space. The extraordinary hexagonal structure of the A-pillar ensures a good view and offers high recognition value.

Red Dot Design Award