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Xian Cha

Xian Cha | Red Dot Design Award

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Xian Cha is a self-heating portable tea brewer designed for Chinese tea lovers on the move. Its compact size is convenient to carry around, which allows the user to enjoy freshly brewed Chinese tea anywhere. Its simplicity and intricate design also add enjoyment to the traditional tea-making process. A rechargeable built-in heating element ensures hot water is always available. The heating element boils water up to 78 to 90 degrees Celsius, the most suitable temperature for Chinese tea. The inner component of the two-part filter accommodates an attachment for the tea bag and a rotatable outer mobile ring for compressing the tea bag. The detachable and compact origami tea bag is self-expandable. The additional space allows the tea leaves to steep better in water and makes cleaning easier. The compressible tea bag separates the tea leaves from the water with a simple turn of the ring, which allows the user to control and customise the timing that would produce the optimal tea density to taste. It also prevents an overly strong taste that can result from over-soaking the tea leaves. The double-wall glass protects the user from the heat, while the frosted-to-clear gradient adds visual enjoyment to the whole waiting process. One can observe the origami tea bags unfolding and the tea leaves diffusing in the water. The user can drink from the lid or serve the tea with the bottle cap inspired by the form of a Chinese teacup, thus restoring the traditional experience of tea serving. Xian Cha provides you with a better Chinese tea experience on the move.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Institution:
    National University of Singapore, Singapore
  • Faculty Advisor:
    Song Kee Hong
  • Design:
    Laura Maartje Bijl, Lin Qiuxia, Yang Yang
Xian Cha | Red Dot Design Award