Smart Headset

Xperia Ear Duo

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The Xperia Ear Duo smart headset provides information and allows for listening to music without shutting out ambient noise or interfering with conversations. It turns on automatically when attached to the ear and adjusts the volume based on environmental sound levels. It includes a touch sensor and responds to voice commands. A particular highlight is the connection from earplug to drive unit, which is routed over the earlobe. In this way, the headset fits comfortably even when the user is wearing glasses.

Statement by the Jury

The well-thought-out design makes the headset attractive for anyone, as it accommodates the requirements of eyeglass wearers and is also suitable for nearly all ear shapes.

  • Manufacturer:
    Sony Mobile Communications Inc., Tokyo, Japan
  • Design:
    Sony Corporation, Yusuke Otani, Tokyo, Japan