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Yandex.Taxi | Red Dot Design Award

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The visual language of the Russian company Yandex.Taxi was supposed to be identifiable offline as well as online. The corporate design is based on the idea of dynamic blocks, the relative proportions and location of which can vary depending on the task at hand. The choice of yellow, white and black as brand colours has a strong visual impact. Three squares, intersecting at different angles and forming a T-shaped element, is an ultra-simplified logo which easily adapts to different media. The logo stretches across any surface, dividing it into three zones which can be used to visually identify information blocks. On the cars, the angle of inclination of the colour blocks forms an arrow – a common symbol for dynamism.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Yandex, Moscow, Russia
  • Design:
    ONY, Moscow, Russia
  • Creative Direction:
    Maxim Orlov Sergey Serezhin ONY
  • Art Direction:
    Sergey Lavrinenko ONY
  • Design Team:
    Anton Petrov Andrey Zhandarov Linda Kosichkina ONY
  • Branding / Communication Design:
    Maria Brish Yandex
  • Product Design:
    Sargis Arutyunyan Yandex
  • Brand Design:
    Daria Zolotukhina Yandex
  • Copywriting:
    Aleksandr Votinov Alexandra Starodubtseva Yandex
  • Account Management:
    Alena Sologub ONY
  • Production:
    Aleksandr Tkachenko Yandex Anna Sytina Igor Zbarshchenko ONY
Yandex.Taxi | Red Dot Design Award
Yandex.Taxi | Red Dot Design Award
Yandex.Taxi | Red Dot Design Award