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You And Me

You And Me | Red Dot Design Award

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YOU and ME re-examines the relationships we have in our lives from the point of absence and expresses the warmth of these relationships through chairs and lights. It uses a metaphorical way to express our existence – in this case, indirectly communicating by simply sending light signals, which is a transmission of existence. The YOU and ME chair is a physical way for users to communicate existence more intuitively. The double-sized chair for one person has been designed to visualise the existence of absence. The chair symbolises absence, but light indicates the presence of one’s partner on the other side. Lighting provides the experience of sitting together in the same chair even if the other person is not present. When the user is relaxing in the chair and turns on the light, his/her partner able to see that it is turned on. When he/she sits down, the light on the other side will also be turned on, forging a connection between both parties despite being in different places.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Yoon Jong Hoon, South Korea