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zdf.kultur is a new TV channel in the ZDF family, reflecting a new awareness of life and understanding of culture beyond the distinction between high and low culture. An essential element of the programme is pop music in its different genres, including indie rock and pop, heavy metal, hip hop, jazz and electronica, which are visualised in the on-air design in a playful treatment of culture. There is a high level of integration between the web and TV as zdf.kultur also opens up new opportunities for communication; for instance, classic creative parameters used in web design are combined with televisual animation and film capabilities. The “Do-it-yourself Idents” present imaginative installations and actions that deal with cultural topics. Homemade constructions, everyday objects placed in unexpected new contexts and surprisingly humorous scenes show how their initiators or the artists “live” culture and thus aim to arouse viewer curiosity for this unusual channel. Statement by the jury »This channel branding stands out for being particularly fresh because it focuses on the creative process itself instead of its effect and success. Such an approach not only leaves enough leeway for further development, implemented with a strong sense of humour and notion of subversion, the channel thus also possesses a highly contemporary and future-oriented image.«

  • Client:
    ZDF, Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen, Mainz
  • Design:
    Luxlotusliner, Munich
  • creative direction:
    Gabi Madracevic
  • strategic planning:
    Andrea Bednarz
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