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Zeit-los in Bewegung

Zeit-los in Bewegung | Red Dot Design Award

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“Zeit-los in Bewegung” (Time-less in Motion) is an illustrated book that explores the feeling of identity. Tackling the question of how the opposites of flexibility and stability, as well as of change and tradition can be combined, photographer Armin Walcher sets out on a journey to explore unexpected angles. After thirty individual encounters with people in Ausseerland, a region that forms the geographical centre of Austria, he comes to the conclusion that there is always transition even at the heart of the constant, which led to the title of the book. The portraits, which capture these people, their professions and the natural landscape they live in in beautiful images in both panorama as well as detail shots, create a visual language that is natural, honest and full of exciting serenity. Together with the truly moving stories and personal insights into the life of the Ausseerland people, this imagery has emerged as a unique, profound panoramic unity. Even the sans-serif typeface, the tactile quality of the paper and the classic linen-bound cover harmoniously reflect the theme of “timelessness”.

Statement by the Jury

Book design at its best – this is how the realisation of this publication can best be summed up. Starting with the photo series, which prove that good photography does make a difference, complemented by the self-reliant and differentiated composition of text and image, up to the visual depth achieved to convey the topics, this work is of absolute exemplary quality.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Armin Walcher, Stainach-Pürgg, Austria
  • Design:
    Melanie Kraxner, Graz, Austria
  • Publisher:
    Benevento Elsbethen, Austria
  • Idea / Concept:
    Armin Walcher
  • Photography:
    Armin Walcher
  • Web Design:
    Roberto Funke
  • Illustration:
    Jörg Hoffmann
  • Story Concept / Organisation:
    Lisa-Marie Reiter
  • Video Production:
    Christian Czadilek
  • Text:
    Sissi Pärsch
Zeit-los in Bewegung | Red Dot Design Award
Zeit-los in Bewegung | Red Dot Design Award
Zeit-los in Bewegung | Red Dot Design Award
Zeit-los in Bewegung | Red Dot Design Award
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