Particle and Molecular Size Analysers

Zetasizer Ultra, Zetasizer Pro


The particle and molecular size analysers Zetasizer Ultra and Zetasizer Pro are used in a wide range of industry sectors in which scientists work with nanomaterials. The Zetasizer Ultra delivers higher resolution particle sizing and also calibration-free particle concentration determination. The design, which is characterised by high-quality materials and an easy-to-operate user interface, conveys competent and safe use of the instruments.

  • Manufacturer:
    Malvern Panalytical Ltd, Malvern, United Kingdom
  • Design:
    DCA Design International, Chris Langley Michael George , Warwick, United Kingdom

Statement by the Jury

Zetasizer Ultra and Zetasizer Pro fascinate with their sculptural look of puristic elegance, which does not distract from their intuitive use.