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ZÖLLY is a high-rise building project with residential properties in Zurich West. The development of this former industrial quarter is closely linked with the engineer and industry pioneer Heinrich Zoelly. The name calls on the heritage of the location, while logo and design elements refer to the industrial design vocabulary. The friendly colour scheme and the images emphasise the uniqueness of the living space in Zölly. The entire communication consistently follows this concept and, what is highly important for the marketing, conveys the expected lifestyle and feel of the properties.

  • Client:
    Losinger Marazzi AG, Zurich
  • Design:
    Hotz Brand Consultants, Steinhausen, Zug
  • creative direction:
    Alexander Gächter
  • art direction:
    Anna Fürer
  • concept:
    Adrian Bosshard
  • graphic design:
    Gabriel Andermatt
  • text:
    Marc Wöltinger
  • project management:
    Katinka Gerlach