Rollerball Pen

ZOOM ying Samon

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The look of a dry, Japanese rock garden was the inspiration for the design of the ZOOM ying Samon rollerball pen. The design reinterprets Japanese culture and spirituality by replicating the undulating patterns that are raked into the grounds of many of these gardens. The patterns are intended to recall the waves of the sea or flowing water and are called samon. The barrel of the pen, made of carefully crafted aluminium, also adopts this delicate wave motif. This precise workmanship of the pen is the reason for its exceptional appeal.

Statement by the Jury

Founded on cultural traditions, the design of the ZOOM ying Samon rollerball pen is pleasing for its both subtle and elegant appearance.

  • Manufacturer:
    Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
  • In-house design:
    Kazunori Katami