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The elegant front design of this steriliser is characterised by black glass and stainless steel. It has two drawers located one above the other, whereby the upper one is organised to provide space for various items of tableware. An optimised construction with double tubes reduces disinfection time to thirty minutes. By means of an innovative memory function, the air quality in the cabinet can be monitored in real time – a control lamp indicates whether sterilisation is necessary.

Statement by the Jury

This steriliser convinces with practical, elegant aesthetics, using stainless steel and black glass, and thus blends harmoniously into the kitchen environment.

  • Manufacturer:
    Ningbo Asia Leader Import & Export Co., Ltd., Ningbo, China
  • In-house design:
    Songjun Chen, Dan Gao
  • Design:
    Ideo, Shanghai, China R&D Design Co., Ltd. (Run Wang), Hangzhou, China