Zucht & Ordnung

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The book “Zucht & Ordnung” aims to make the complexity of the topic of breeding clear and comprehensible through the combination of photography, typography, text, paper/cardboard and punch-outs. Featuring perforation on the white cover and punch-outs on the inside, this design method hints both at the strictness and order in breeding and at the systems of order used for the animals and plants shown in the book. Furthermore, the animals and plants are ordered and categorised into ensembles based on similar appearance and depicted in the large-format colour illustrations, complemented by short texts reminiscent of individual profiles. The chosen typography, especially the Fraktur script, refers to the traditional and martial aspect of breeding.

  • Client:
    Atelier Oczlon, St. Johann, Salzburg
  • Design:
    Atelier Oczlon, St. Johann, Salzburg
  • concept/text:
    Walter Oczlon
  • graphic design/photography:
    Walter Oczlon
  • printing:
    Samson Druck