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Zumtobel Lighting

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The plot of this image film revolves around modern urban individuals of the twenty-first century and the role light plays in their everyday lives. Through a clever combination of live footage and 3D animation, the film shows how lighting solutions adjust to the respective situation and needs of people in a world of constant change. The audience follows a man on his way through everyday life, witnessing how light makes living and working easier for an enhanced sense of well-being, while increasing buildings’ energy efficiency. The goal of the client Zumtobel to provide optimum lighting quality for people while protecting the environment is thus conveyed through an impressive and emotional story.

  • Client:
    Zumtobel Lighting GmbH, Dornbirn
  • Design:
    BOROS GmbH, Wuppertal/Berlin
  • head of marketing:
    Stefan von Terzi
  • creative direction:
    Christian Boros, BOROS GmbH Oriol Puig, Trizz
  • account management:
    Martina Schiffer-Gottfried, BOROS GmbH
  • production:
  • film direction:
    Oriol Puig, Trizz Reto Caffi, ZEITSPRUNG COMMERCIAL GmbH
  • 3D animation:
    Oriol Puig, Christopher Vulpi, Trizz
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