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Red Dot Edition is a publishing house that produces high-quality, beautifully made books about design and lifestyle. To date, more than 185 books have appeared under the Red Dot Edition name. The publisher’s portfolio comprises who’s-who compendia, monographs, which address a wide range of design topics in an exciting and sophisticated way, the Red Dot Design Award yearbooks and the best-selling annual Design Diary.

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The current publications

Design yearbooks – coveted collectors’ items

The design yearbooks are among the most important publications of Red Dot Edition. Year after year, they document the results of one of the largest and most prestigious design competitions in the world. The books in the field of product design have been appearing for over 25 years, and in communication design and design concept for more than ten years. They thus offer a unique summary of the development of design in the last decade. 

Red Dot Design Yearbook

The Red Dot Design Yearbook documents the latest developments in product design, and presents on-trend products of a high design standard. Its four volumes contain a comprehensive overview of the state-of-the-art for each sector. It also contains a presentation of the Red Dot: Design Team of the Year and in-depth designer portraits. It is, to date, the most substantial publication in the history of the Red Dot Award: Product Design. Each volume focuses on a particular sphere of life and presents a collection of award-winning design products:

  • “Living” shows innovations and international product trends in the area of household appliances, kitchens, tableware, cooking utensils, lighting and lamps, interior design, as well as urban design and public spaces.
  • “Doing” includes activity- and lifestyle-oriented products for gardening, leisure, sport, games, babies and children, fashion, accessories, watches and jewellery.
  • “Working” presents products for the work- and technology-based areas of the office, industry and tools, heating and air conditioning technologies, life sciences and medicine, as well as computer and information technology.
  • “Enjoying” focuses on leisure products for the bathroom, wellness, consumer electronics, cameras and communication. A special place is occupied by vehicles with matching accessories.

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International Yearbook Communication Design

The International Yearbook Communication Design presents what is best and most up to date in the field of communication design. It shows powerful communication-centred works and projects by design studios and companies focused on communication campaigns. Volume 1 contains projects from the more classical categories such as corporate design, annual reports, advertising, magazines, packaging and typography. Volume 2 is dedicated to the digital and multimedia disciplines, including e-commerce, spots and image films, websites, apps, computer games as well as interface and sound design. The creative brains behind the best product ideas are the winners of the honorary titles, “Red Dot: Agency of the Year” and “Red Dot: Brand of the Year”, and are given a special place in the design yearbook.

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Red Dot Design Concept Yearbook

The Red Dot Design Concept Yearbook shows what the future might hold. This publication presents all the design concepts, prototypes and product ideas that met with the approval of the Red Dot Award: Design Concept jury. By leafing through the book, the reader encounters exciting and fascinating ideas and concepts, some of which may seem rather utopian, but which could soon become part of the reality of daily life, for, by awarding a prize, the design experts also show they believe these designs can find practical application.

Design Diary

The Design Diary helps users to maintain an overview of important dates throughout the year. It shows a week per page in an A4 format, thus leaving space for important notes. As it contains presentations of particular design products and the birthdays of outstanding designers of our time, the Design Diary is a true design consultant which also ensures no important dates are missed. It is peppered with the dates of interesting trade fairs, international dialling codes and important public holidays and therefore makes an ideal travel companion.

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Distribution worldwide

Most of the books of Red Dot Edition appear in English and German and are sold internationally. They are available from booksellers worldwide. In addition, Red Dot Edition works with distribution companies and local representatives.

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